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MAST Magnet: Math, Art, Science and Technology 2016-17
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Kokino, Olga
SCA Director/Journalism Advisor

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Period Course
1 Advanced Composition
2 New Media 2
3 Conference Period
4 Contemporary Composition
5 Advanced Composition
6 Journalism 1/2
Advisory 11th Grade

Technology Review: Authority on the Future

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World Wide Web in Plain English

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Mendez Receives Medal of Freedom From Obama

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New Media Project Examples

Ms. Kokino's New Media students present examples of their projects completed in the 2009 Fall Semester. Most student-created project examples combined PowerPoint narrative slides and iPhoto Slideshows, which were then converted into quicktime movies to be uploaded to the free websites and

OKI PODOKI Podomatic Web Site Example

On this site, you can see Chezka Policarpio's slideshow created in Ms. Kokino's New Media class, the student-made podcast made by Ms. Kokino's students in the Newspapers By the Bay, Stanford University Summer Program. Below the podcast, you can view Ms. Kokino's China Delegation Slideshow, during her participation in the People to People Ambassador Program for Educators. The purpose of sharing this site is for students to determine if they want to create their own free web site using Podomatic.

Free Digital Literacy PowerPoint Presentation

You may download the presentation Ms. Kokino made at the National Board Certification Conference on March 26, 2011 and go to the hyperlinks for the various recommended sites. Alternately, you may print out the ppt.  Access it from your home computer as LAUSD firewalls may block certain of the sites.  The slideshow begins with the California Library Standards, includes sites with anti-bullying lessons, and then provides 15 links to literacy related graphic and story generators. This presentation was made for teachers, but students may find the sites interesting to research.

Go to the Calendar below and click on the March 26 link to download the Free Digital Literacy PowerPoint Presentation.


<< >>

iPhone App Enables Citizens to Assist With CPR Emergencies

San Ramon Valley’s Fire Chief Richard Price has developed an innovative app which has caused some controversy. Read the article posted in the Calendar and respond to the questions.

Top PC Myths Debunked

Check the Calendar to read the article and learn about the top PC myths. Then identify the six statements made and why they may or may not be true.

Japan Earthquake: Google launches Japanese Quake Person Finder

Technology strikes to the rescue! Read the article and your assignment in the Calendar.

AT&T or Verizon: who has the better data network?

After going to the Calendar to see the link to read the article, answer the question the headline raises.  State the facts that support purchasing AT&T or the Verizon iPhone. Which would you purchase if you had the choice? Why or why not? Your response should be 150-200 words.

Next on Kinect's Hit List: Hardcore Gamers

Check the Calendar for the link to the article and your assignment.

Newest Computer Controller: Your Eyes

Do you think eye-tracking technology to control your computer monitor is something you would like to use? Go to the Calendar for your assignment and the link to read the article posted in TechNewsWorld, 3/2/11.

Computer science programs use mobile apps to make coursework relevant

Professors are asking students to create programs that address real-life problems, often through handy, smartphone-ready apps. Write an essay with your answers to the following questions: Read about the app the students came up with at Virginia Tech; what does the app do? What is the projected growth rate for jobs in the computer and math fields between 2008 and 2018, according to the article? What has happened with the numbers of students graduating in computer science and engineering in the decade from 1997-2007?  What stereotypes may be preventing some students from majoring in computer science, in your opinion?  How does Jan Cuny hope to engage more students in the AP course?

AOL completes purchase of Huffington Post

AOL has completed its $315 million purchase of online news hub The Huffington Post. The acquisition is the latest move by CEO Tim Armstrong to reinvent the Internet icon as a go-to source for online news and other content. This is the largest purchase AOL Inc. has made under Armstrong, a former Google advertising executive hired by AOL to engineer a turnaround. Huffington Post is one of the top 10 current events and global news sites, with over 27 million U.S. visitors each month. Go the Calendar to get the full story and your assignment.

New video games expand vast 'Pokemon' empire

The vast "Pokemon" empire is about to get even bigger with Sunday's launch of two new video games for the handheld Nintendo DS. Simply called "Pokemon Black Version" and "Pokemon White Version," they sell for $35 each. Go to the Calendar and click on the link to see the full article by Barbara Ortutay, published by The Associated Press on March 7, 2011, and to see your assignment.

Facebook song gets student suspended

In 2-3 sentences, summarize what happened to get the student suspended. Then state your opinion regarding what you think should have been the student's or school's responsibility. Also explain your viewpoint about Facebook; should Facebook be monitoring or censoring rude speech? Why or why not? Write a 2-3 paragraph response.


Obama critical of ICANN, Internet Watchdog

Concerned about the growing movement to cede oversight to the U.N., the U.S. government, which helped create ICANN in 1998, has been reprimanding the nonprofit group to give foreign nations more say over the Web's operations. Go to the calendar to click on the link for the article and assignment at

Current Assignments

Fastest Internet in South Korea May Get Faster

February 21, 2011


SEOUL— South Korea already claims the world's fastest Internet connections

Job Openings By Industry

Look at the job openings and the hires rate for eight different industries, as projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to answer the questions in this assignment. Click on the download in the calendar to see the chart.

Growth in Tech Jobs

The Dept. of Labor's predictions for job growth may surprise you. Download this assignment from the calendar.

Nations Facing Unrest

Here's a look at the wave of protests that spread to several countries following the "Victory Day" in Egypt, gathered from CNN research and the CIA World Factbook. Visit the interactive website at ...more